Cruising the South Pacific with Tackless II
Tackless II, along with her two captains, Don and Gwen, cruise from Fiji to Australia
Sunday, September 28, 2008
24-25 september 2008 -- A record for T2
We set a record yesterday. Not one, but two passages in 24 hours, and BOTH were good.

With weather forecasts hinting at winds backing into the east and north east -- a direction from which Baie Doking is exposed -- it seemed the prudent thing to move on. The plan was to sail west around the the big beak of a point of Lifou's north end, and then beat southward down the anchorage at the southern end of Baie of Sandal, where most of the boats went last week. about a thirty mile trip altogether. It was a rousing sail, downwind under genny alone to the point, and then a fast beat across baie Sandal.

But upon arrival, the wind was east enough to make the anchorage bouncy, and beauty wise it coudn't hold a candle to Baie Doking. Several of the boats there were planning a night passage down to Havana Pass (the entrance to New Caledonia proper's southern lagoon, so we download the latest weather and decided it was the right window. We'd had lunch, I'd gotten the last update posted and Don had had a snooze. What more did we need out of a stop?

So we upped anchor at 5pm, had a fabulous sail in 10-15 knots at 45 degrees off the bow, making 6-7+ knots well reefed. Biggest complaint is that with the cloud cover and no moon, it was really dark!, We entered Havana pass at 8am right at dead low water (our goal, as outgoing tide kicks up quite a sea against the wind), but even then it was lively enough with the wind and current opposed and waves crashing on the reefs. although this pass is super well lit and marked, I'm not sure I'd want to do it in the dark.

And now we are anchored with Jim and Paul of Avior (of the bicycle trip) in a lovely bay -- Port Boise, a few miles into New Caledonia's southern lagoon, to sit out the forecast rain and northeasterlies. Didn't want to mess about with reefs we couldn't see around lIe du Pins. This is a lovely spot. we may never leave!

Now it's lunch time and nap time! We deserve it!



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