Cruising the South Pacific with Tackless II
Tackless II, along with her two captains, Don and Gwen, cruise from Fiji to Australia
Monday, October 27, 2008
26 October 2008 - Day 6 on the Road to Oz
Quite simply a grand day of sailing. Blue sky, sparkling waves, and a gentle rolling sea action. The wind stayed a steady 10-12 knots and we have consistently soared along on a beam reach at 6.5-7.5 knots. In a burst of enthusiasm, we actually got out the hose and washed the worst of the salt accumulations off the windows, stainless and solar panels, while below decks we cleaned cupboards, defrosted the fridge, and generally tidied up for our arrival. With the extra day the bad weather added to the passage, we have managed to do better eating down the larder. Today's lunch was a very French picnic of dry sausage and the remains of about five different bits of French cheeses.

Tomorrow mid-afternoon, if the wind holds, we should round the light at Break Sea Spit and enter Hervey Bay. It is another 40 miles from there to the channel entry to Bundaberg. It looks like we will arrive just after dark. Fortunately, Bundaberg is an easy, well-lighted approached and we will be able to motor right in to the quarantine anchorage when we arrive. And you know what that means? We will be able to get a good night's sleep in before facing customs and quarantine.

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Blogger geodesic2 said...
Wow, quite an adventure - extremely glad it went as smooth as it did despite the furling line adventure but hey isn't that what blue water sailing is all about - sorry that I wasn't with you - would have had 'the patch' so I would have been helpful this time around :):) I heard that there are more women than men in OZ - please confirm.

Blogger geodesic2 said...
OK 2C's it has been two days since your last post and we are getting anxious - I am sure that you are just fine but would like some confirmation - maybe you are just catching up on your sleep or you could be out counting the women vs men to confirm my earlier request :):) If you are in Bundaberg jail pls contact me and I will fly over with bail money :):)I am still in DE - rainy, cold, miserable - headed home to FL soon - are you still flying back in Dec?
Captain Bill

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